Originally published in the August 1995 issue of Internet World

The ranks of Internet suite providers are swelling with the introduction of new packages from MKS, Quarterdeck, Software Ventures, and Wollongong. Internet suites are all-in-one software packages designed to ease the task of connecting to the Net and navigating it.

MKS’ Internet Anywhere is a Windows program that lists for $79. It provides SLIP connection software, including a graphical collection of e-mail, Usenet news, FTP, and telnet applications, as well as the Enhanced Mosaic browser. For more info, send e-mail to ia[email protected], call (519) 883-3242, or visit http://www.mks.com.

Quarterdeck’s $79 Internet Suite features E-mail, Usenet news, FTP, and telnet applications, and the Quarterdeck Mosaic browser. Intersuite runs on Windows 95 and Windows NT platforms and includes a sign-up utility to let users establish an Internet connection through Netcom, PSI, UUnet, Portal Information Network, or 70 other providers.

Quarterdeck also introduced WebServer, a $130 World-Wide Web server that runs on Windows PCs, and a $99 HTML authoring package called WebAuthor that works within Microsoft Word for Windows. For more information, write to info@qdeck.com, call (310) 31 4-4263, or visit http://www.qdeck.com.

Software Ventures has released Internet Valet, a $49 Internet suite that allows Macintosh users to connect to the Net via PSI. The package includes the MacTCPP and MacPPP software required to access the Internet. It runs on 6800-series computers and is optimized for the Power PC. For more information, send e-mail to [email protected], call (510) 644-3232, or visit htip://wwwsvcdudes.com.

Wollongong has fielded Emissary, A $99 Windows object- oriented program that combines e-mail, Usenet news, FTP, telnet, and a World-Wide Web browser in a single tool with a common interface.

Emissary allows you to incorporate images, sounds, and links to other documents directly into e-mail messages. A Web page’s URL can be placed in a message so another Emissary user can click on it to bring up the page. The package is based on Wollongong’s Client Object Linking Technology (OLT), which allows seamless integration of various Internet tools, although other software can be linked to Emissary using OLE 2.0. If Emissary doesn’t recognize a particular type of file or tool, it connects to Wollongong’s computer to check a database to find the appropriate software.

Emissary also is available in a $199 Desktop Emissary version, which offers LAN-based connectivity. For more information, write to [email protected], call (415) 962-7100, or visit http://www.twg.com.