Originally published in the September 1995 issue of Internet World

IBM has announced an enterprise Internet initiative that allows its entire family of computers to be Web servers, including mainframes, minicomputers, Unix workstations, and PCs. IBM also is providing gateways to enable two-way data sharing between mainframe and minicomputer databases and the World-Wide Web. This would enable large, medium, and small companies to integrate the Internet into their computing infrastructures.

IBM also is offering security solutions and consulting services.

IBM’s Web server line will include Internet Connection Servers for its OS/2, OS/400, AIX, and MVS platforms. OS/2 and AIX servers are available now, while AS/400 and MVS servers are slated for 1996. The CICS gateway can be previewed on the Web at , and beta code for the DB2 WWW Connection for AIX and OS/2 can be downloaded from .

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