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For the past two decades, Tristan Louis has worked as an entrepreneur and intrapreneur, helping people see the future by creating it.

Tristan Louis has appeared on CNN, BBC News, and BFMTV and has written opinion pieces for Forbes, Fast Company, and The New York Times. He is frequently quoted by The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, USA Today and many others.

A sought-after speaker, Tristan brings a passionate, authoritative, and engaging voice to dissect digital transformation in a way that lets audiences in board rooms or larger gathering fully grasps its impact.

Combining his training as a journalist and storyteller with frontline experience from the digital transition, Tristan Louis gives your audience pragmatic advice and thought models they will use every day.


Understanding & Leveraging Disruptive Change

“Software eats the world. Disrupt or Die.” For years, these have been the rallying cries of board rooms across America. But how do you achieve disruption and what are the pitfalls in getting there. As a long-time practicioner if disruption, Tristan has articulated a set of principles and guidepost that will help leaders achieve transformational change.

Audience members will learn how to:

  • Identify the forces driving for change, prioritize the right growth move, and align stakeholders around change
  • Understand how to measure disruption and progress in a change culture
  • Establish a culture of continuous communication and learning to leverage disruption as a competitive force

Leadership in the digital age

Leading in the digital age requires a fundamental rethinking of the traditional leadership model. Harnessing the power of digital communication and branding is key to driving higher engagement across the organization and embracing change. Understanding how your personal leadership style can be augmented through digital techniques will turn you into a next generation winner and drive your organization to new heights.

Audience members will learn how to:

  • Shift to a digital mindset
  • Apply the right digital tools to meet strategic goals
  • Communicate in a digital-first way, going beyond traditional hierarchies to drive objectives
  • Micro-target and engage at scale to drive transformative change
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