The ancient game of Go has simple rules that evolve into very complex gameplays. In the same way, the digital innovation world has very simple precepts that can quickly evolve into complex strategies.

With over a quarter century of experience deploying innovation in companies large and small, Tristan has developed a framework to maximize the impact of digital tools to achieve superlative business goals and above market returns on investments to shareholders.

As a serial entrepreneur, he has deployed technology to gain a strategic advantage over large incumbents, driving to market disruption. As Global Chief Innovation Officer at HSBC and later as Global Head of Internet and Mobile for Deutsche Bank, Tristan developed and deployed similar innovation frameworks to help large corporations gain a competitive edge against the rest of the market, creating billions of dollars in new asset value.

Since then, he has advised startups, large corporations, and government agencies in the United States, Europe, and Asia.


Board Services: Serving as either chair, vice-chair, or regular board member in privately held companies and not-for-profit organization with expertise in governance, finance, and digital transformation.

Corporate Advisory: Deep subject matter expertise and strategic counseling on digital transformation, innovation, and leveraging technology in media, finance, and technology companies.

Executive Education: Helping leadership team learn about the latest and future trends in technology and innovation, through workshop facilitation or executive level briefings. Focus is on actionable items that deliver ROI to shareholders.

Interim Executive: Helping startups or corporation with executive leadership in the C-suite. Can support the board as CEO or as a senior advisor to the CEO in roles related to finance, operations, technology, product, or marketing.

Sample Clients

Media: Media companies have looked to Tristan to help with their strategies on digital streaming and subscription-based media models. Some of those clients include:

Time Warner

Technology: Because of his rare ability to understand the evolution of technology and predict its future path, consumer electronic companies and mobile companies have asked Tristan to provide them with critical information relating to the future of digital consumer behavior. Sample customers include:


Consumer Brands: Understanding the future of technology is key to finding better ways to manage customers. As such, consumer brands have engaged Tristan to get a better understand of future consumer behavior and how digital will impact their business. Sample customers include:

The Coca-Cola Company
Under Armour

Financial Institutions: A decade as a senior executive for some of the largest banks in the world gave Tristan unparalleled expertise in payment and capital markets. As a result, he is a sought after speaker for advisory clients in the private wealth sector. Sample engagements include:

J.P. Morgan
Deutsche Bank