We are the makers

Many of my friends think I’m crazy for having left the comfort of a Wall Street job to go pursue my passion and build a new offering like Keepskor but the truth is that every maker encounters someone who doesn’t understand why we enjoy making. So this is an explanation and an invocation to join us.

It starts with an an idea, a problem, an itch
or a concept sleepless nights demand that we pitch.
It starts at birth, at childhood, adulthood and old age.
It starts whenever someone is willing to engage.

We are the makers, the tinkerers, the hackers, the builders.
The people who eventually become the movers and shakers.
We do not seek glory, money, or fame.
What we want is for our products to get wide acclaim.

We create because we have to.
We make because it’s easy to do.

You see the world’s problems and believe things can’t be changed.
We look at them and say “this will work better once it’s rearranged.”
You see work as one of those four letter words
and look at us as only a bunch of crazy nerds.

We build because we care.
We iterate because we know the solution to that problem is there.

You look at Facebook and you see numbers:
A billion dollar buy, an IPO valuation, and tons of users.
We look at Facebook and we see a new root:
APIs, a platform, web, mobile, and social to boot.

We build because we can.
We build out our world changing plan.

You look at Apple and see a gigantic market cap.
We look at Apple and see new platforms for that great new app.
You worship Steve Jobs because you think his products are hip;
We worship Steve Jobs because of his ability to ship.

We build because we believe.
We build and we achieve.

So don’t just stand there; join our revolution.
There’s a problem out there looking for your solution.
A dash of invention and some strong execution
will bring forth the next step in our evolution.

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