Google Personal Page and History

People seem to be amazed by Google’s new personal page. I find myself forced to channel George Santayana.

Those who do not study the past are doomed to repeat it

Google Personalized Page (launched on May 19th, 2005) vs. archival page of Excite on April 29, 1998. Not quite a decade between the two but long enough for it to be noticeable.

Has Google become the “Me Too!” company?

Let’s go over the history:

  • 1997: Netscape introduces RSS as format to add module to my.Netscape page
  • 1998: Excite pushes customization to their homepage
  • 2001: Netscape abandons RSS support
  • 2002: Netscape unveils drag and drop simplicity on their My Netscape page
  • 2004: Yahoo! offers RSS integration in the My Yahoo! page
  • 2005: Google unveils drag and drop simplicity in customized page
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