Thoughts before BloggerCon 2 – Part 1

Like many in the blogosphere, I’m heading to Boston this weekend for BloggerCon. My posts on the site have been light because I’ve been spending more time reading and thinking about how I would contribute. While I do plan to take advantage of a 3 hour trip on the Acela to work on a longer entry, I have a few thoughts that I wanted to outline now.

The conference program is fascinating and has forced me to think about which session I wanted to attend. It’s a hard choice when all of them seem so interesting. For example, how do you decide between going to the “Vision from Users” and the “What is Journalism?” session. And that’s just for the first hour. I’ve decided that the longer entry I do tonight will somewhat dictate which sessions I’ll attend based on what came out.

The rough outline of my entry will focus on blogs and/as business. Jeff Jarvis has created an interesting wiki on the very subject. It sparked a lot of thought that I now need to commit to a long entry. For example, what are the difference between blogging and other types of content publishing? Is there an impact on the rest of the content industry? Is journalism impacted by this? Is politics impacted by this? Are other businesses impacted by this? What do existing content channels offer that blogs do not? What do blogs offer that other content channels do not? Do blogs actually matter or are they just a new technology that enables the same old stuff? Those are all interesting point that I want to explore in my next entry.

It’s going to be an exciting weekend and I’m sure I’ll learn a lot and finally meet face to face some people I’ve only known virtually. And that, in itself, is already a very exciting prospect.

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