September 11 Memorial: WHO were you?

Next week will mark the second anniversary of the September 11th terrorist act. Since then a lot of people have said that things have changed, that WE have changed. However, when pressed for details, no one can clearly point out how or what really changed.

As a memorial this year, I would like to get a number of people to answer the question as to how they changed. This is where you come in.

Who were you before and who are you now? How did the September 11th experience change your life, if it did in any way? How are things different in your life now? What have you done/not done as a result of September 11th?

Once you’ve blogged it (on September 11th), send me a refer link to your entry and I’ll get a list of everyone who sent me a link up here.

Feel free to pass this on to anyone you think might be interested and together, we might be able to create a joint memorial.

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