A declaration of bloggerdom

Ed suggested in a Metafilter thread that we come up with a blogging vow of chastity similar to the one Dogme film-makers did in 1995. Here’s my stab at a first draft of this:

Declaration of bloggerdom

  1. We are bloggers.
  2. We are individuals.
  3. We are not for sale
  4. We are not a target market.
  5. We link to sites because we find them interesting, not because we think we’ll get free goods or money out of our links.
  6. If we have a relationship with a product/company/service/person we link to, we will disclose it in the same post.
  7. We believe in contributing.
  8. We believe in truth.
  9. Our writing is our own. Our words are our own.
  10. Like them or not, our opinions are our own, too.

It’s a start. But does it need more?

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