The Armory

9/11 Victim Picture
There were literally thousands of those victim pictures plastered over New York City in the days after 9/1
Many people have asked me why I cared so much about the fall of the WTC. More than anything, this Quicktime VR, taken only a couple of blocks away from my house, shows the toll here. Each of the little square is a piece of paper looking for someone lost in the towers’ collapse.

Every day, I walk by there, and every day, there is a little less hope. Yes, September 11th has taken its toll on me but I am thankful for the fact that I am still here and will always be thankful for that fact. The picture stretch on this wall and then around the next two blocks, wrapping the building in a continuous stream of people who were lost in the event. They stretch all the way up to my street corner and beyond. Not a pretty sight and probably the best way to illustrate what happened. There will be talk of a memorial, I am sure but to me, this is what a memorial should look like.

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