Suggestions for RSS .92 spec

I’d like to suggest a few optional additions to the specification. Here are some ideas I’d like to throw around for discussion:

At the item level

: This would allow us to specify a particular date for an item. I think it would be nice for those of us who have several days’ worth of content in their RDF channel.

At the channel level:

These could be encapsulated in to an section that would include all links to outside of the channel.

: Much like points to the page the channel is for could point to a page of information about this channel. this could link to a FAQ or more information about the channel.

: Points to a page where wireless devices can go.

: Points to a page where broadband devices can go.

: Points to a page where narrowband devices (browsers for blind people, text-only browsers, etc..) can go.

: Points to a P3P page to check the privacy rules.

: Points to either a VXML source file (which can be read by a VXML browser) or a sound file. For example, it could serve up a radio feed related to this story.

: Same as above with video or SMIL file.

That said, here’s what a source could look like (changes are bold and URLs are fictional (but I cut and pasted my .91 channel content for speed reasons)):

Suggested RSS .92 code starts here



[email protected]
            Copyright 1999-present, Me.

            My channel description>/description>
            My channel description – The personal site of Tristan Louis
About Story 1 is described

10/13/2000 Happy New Year


More Details

As part of the deal, I’d also move the original channel link and image link into the external field under a single link header (unless some people can tell me where they have a different link for the image and the channel.

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